Leather Dye and Gilders Paste On Gourds

I enjoyed displaying my gourd art at Lake Country Art Festival this past Saturday, July 9th.

Gourd with Fiebing's purple leather dyeAll of my gourds are colored with Fiebing’s Leather Dye or Fiebing’s Pro Oil dye.  Depending on the effect that I want to achieve, I use layers of color as well as dripping colors.  I especially like to use Fiebing’s White Leather Dye a drip pattern.  I let that dry and then I put another dye color over it.  The white dye acts as a resist and it creates an interesting shading pattern.

After dyeing and drying, I like to give my gourds another dimension by using Gilders Paste.  I especially like the versatility of Gilders Paste.  Again, depending on the effect, I may dab/rub it on with my fingers or a sponge.  I also brush it on when I want an overall metallic sheen on my gourds.

After that dries I use a spray finish that has UV protection.

I embellish some of my gourds with weaving using a variety of weaving materials and waxed thread or artificial sinew.  I also use metal faceted spots as another embellishment technique.

The Fiebing’s Leather Dye, Gilders Paste, waxed thread, artificial sinew, and spots are available through sewwhatsupplies.com.

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